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Bay Fair Development Plan

City of San Leandro 

Serving as City representative for a $1.8 million Development Plan to move the Bay Fair Station area from Specific Plan to construction readiness, coordinating detailed site planning, design, and infrastructure with property owners including BART, Target, and the Bay Fair mall owners, as well as a full consultant team led by Urban Field and Good City.  

Local SB 35 Adaptation

City of San Rafael, with Rick Jacobus and Street Level Advisors 

Creating a locally administered adaptation of state law SB 35, offering local affordable housing density bonus, streamlining, and design exceptions, while ensuring key design standards are still adhered to for an existing Downtown specific plan area.

City Center District Sustainability

Related Companies, with stok and Natalie Koski-Karell 

Creating district-wide sustainability standards and directing LEED for Neighborhood Development implementation for the largest development project in Santa Clara County, directly adjacent to the 49ers Stadium.

Long-Range Planning Advisor

City of Union City

Serving as on-call long-range planner and advisor for both the Planning and Public Works Departments, for topics including Station District implementation, Bike/Ped Plan implementation, planning and zoning updates, and public space.  

Northeast Specific Plan

City of San Carlos, with Perkins + Will 

Providing planning support and strategic advising for a new specific plan in a transitioning area of San Carlos seeking to balance industrial, R&D, life sciences, and residential uses.

University of California at Berkeley, Faculty

College of Environmental Design

Co-teaching the Independent Capstone class in the Masters of Real Estate Design and Development program, with Brynn McKiernan of the Emerald Fund. Aaron has served as either faculty or project reviewer in the College of Environmental Design since 2016, focusing on studio instruction, project advising, and student mentorship.

Affordable Housing Sustainability

McCormack Baron Salazar

Collaborating with Natalie Koski-Karell on LEED for Neighborhood Development strategy and implementation for district-scale affordable housing projects in Pittsburgh (PA), Columbus (OH), San Antonio (TX), and Memphis (TN).

San Pablo Avenue Specific Plan

City of Berkeley, with CD+A and Urban Planning Partners

Serving as strategic advisor and planner for a new specific plan for the 2.4 mile stretch of San Pablo Avenue in Berkeley, focusing on design standards, public space, and implementation.

San Pablo Sustainable TOD Master Plan

City of San Pablo, with IBI Group

Providing Master Plan content and strategic advising for an integrated citywide implementation plan for transit-oriented land use, transportation, and public space improvements.

Clayworks District Sustainability

Coorstek, with stok 

Directing district-scale sustainability implementation, LEED for Neighborhood Development certification, and integration with Well Neighborhood certification for a 4-block, walkable, mixed use redevelopment of an existing industrial facility in Downtown Golden (CO).  


Zoning and Design Standards

Town of Moraga, with Barry Miller

Created new zoning districts and objective design standards to accommodate new housing in the transforming Rheem strip commercial center, and new zoning to enable open space preservation in the Bollinger Valley greenbelt area (completed 2024).

Bay Fair Infrastructure Plan

City of San Leandro, with HR&A

Contributed to an infrastructure and financing plan for the Bay Fair station area, focused on district-scale mechanisms such as Community Facilities District and Enhanced Infrastructure Districts (completed 2024).

Station District Specific Plan

City of Union City

Served as project manager and extension of City staff for a 470-acre specific plan around the Union City BART Station with a diverse combination of residential, retail, jobs uses, and civic amenities (completed 2023). 

Planning and Zoning Implementation

City of Walnut Creek, with City Context 

Collaborated with Heather Coleman of City Context to create an SB 9 ordinance allowing missing middle housing in single-family neighborhoods (completed 2023).

Centennial Yards District Sustainability

CIM Group, with stok 

Collaborated with Natalie Koski-Karell to complete a district sustainability feasibility assessment and implementation plan for the 275-acre Centennial Yards project in Downtown Atlanta, adjacent to the Atlanta Hawks stadium (completed 2023).

North Berkeley and Ashby BART Rezoning

City of Berkeley, with Van Meter Williams Pollack

Drafted new zoning and a Joint Vision and Priorities document for the City and BART, enabling new AB 2923-compliant mixed-income affordable housing and public space that is now under development (completed 2022).

Southside Rezoning for Housing

City of Berkeley

Completed a parcel survey and developed zoning changes to increase housing capacity in Berkeley’s Southside area near the University of California campus (completed 2021). 

Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan

City of Union City

Served as project manager and extension of staff for a transformative Plan to introduce pedestrian connections, new trails, and 42.2 miles of new bikeway facilities to Union City (completed 2022).

Office Park and Mall Transformation Working Group

Metropolitan Transportation Commission and ABAG

Directed regional workshops on incorporating housing into malls and office parks. Created an accompanying toolkit of template design standards and affordable housing funding techniques, in collaboration with Jane Lin of Urban Field, Rick Jacobus of Street Level Advisors, Barry Miller, Jean Eisberg, and VMWP (completed 2023).

Leading with Equity Working Group

MTC, with Winter Consulting and Ann Cheng Consulting

Served as strategic advisor for a regional working group effort directed by Winter Consulting to elevate equity in local planning efforts and policies (completed 2023).

Centennial Yards District Sustainability

CIM Group, with stok 

Collaborated with Natalie Koski-Karell to complete a district sustainability feasibility assessment and implementation plan for the 275-acre Centennial Yards project in Downtown Atlanta, adjacent to the Atlanta Hawks stadium (completed 2023).

Bay Fair TOD Zoning District

City of San Leandro

Created a new zoning district and design standards for walkable, transit-oriented development, and public space around the Bay Fair BART Station (completed 2021).

Treasure Island Sustainability

Treasure Island Development Group, FivePoint, and Lennar Urban

Created district-wide sustainability standards and directed LEED for Neighborhood Development implementation for the largest, highest-scoring LEED-ND Platinum project in the world (completed 2022).

North Downtown Specific Plan

City of Walnut Creek, with Raimi + Associates

Directed specific plan for a mixed-use neighborhood with new streets, bike/ped amenities, community benefits bonuses, and transformative public space in a Downtown, transit-oriented environment (completed 2020). 

Neighborhood Planning Toolkit

Large Silicon Valley Property owner, with ChangeLab Solutions

Identified neighborhood planning needs to inform corporate campus development and programming, as a model for future campus planning (completed 2021).

Hillside Specific Plan

City of Union City

Served as interim project manager and City extension of staff on a specific plan that will balance future housing with a major dedication of regionally significant open space (completed 2022).

Other Project Experience

(Some completed while representing another firm)

  • Adeline Corridor Specific Plan (City of Berkeley) 

  • Bay Fair TOD Specific Plan (City of San Leandro)

  • El Camino Real Precise Plan (City of Mountain View)

  • On Call Strategic Advising and Planning Support (City of San Leandro)

  • On Call Strategic Advising and Planning Support (City of Union City)

  • City Center Community Plan and Form-Based Code (City of Fremont)

  • El Camino Real Specific Plan (City of Santa Clara)

  • Santa Monica Pedestrian Action Plan (City of Santa Monica)

  • East Palo Alto General Plan and Eastside Area Plan (City of East Palo Alto)

  • Mapleton-Fall Creek Sustainable Neighborhood Plan (Indianapolis, IN)

  • SALT District Sustainable Neighborhood Plan (Syracuse, NY) 

  • Mountain View General Plan Update (City of Mountain View)

  • Orange Line Sustainable Corridor Implementation Plan (LA Metro)

  • West Hollywood General Plan Update (City of West Hollywood)

  • International Boulevard TOD Corridor Plan (City of Oakland)

  • South Gate General Plan Update (City of South Gate)

  • Santa Monica Land Use and Circulation Plan Update (City of Santa Monica)

  • ​Coachella General Plan (City of Coachella)

  • Old Town Saticoy Area Plan and Form-Based Code (Ventura County)

  • Lancaster Southeast Transit Village Plan (City of Lancaster)

  • East Market Streetscape and Sustainability District (City of Louisville)

  • Sustainable Neighborhoods Technical Assistance Team (U.S. EPA)  

  • Treasure Island Design for Development (FivePoint, Wilson Meany, Perkins + Will, Lennar Urban, City of San Francisco)

  • University of California Carbon Neutrality Charrettes (U.C. Office of the President)

  • Ward Village LEED-ND Platinum (Honolulu, HI with Howard Hughes) 

  • LEED Accredited Professional test writer (U.S. Green Building Council)

  • LEED-ND education curriculum (U.S. Green Building Council)

  • LEED-ND pilot project review (U.S. Green Building Council)

  • Paseo Verde LEED-ND Platinum (Philadelphia, PA with NRDC)

  • Oakland Healthy Development Guidelines (City of Oakland, California Endowment)

  • Riverside Healthy Development Checklist (Riverside County)

  • San Bruno Active Transportation Plan (City of San Bruno, with Eisen Letunic)

  • Plan for a Healthy Los Angeles (City of Los Angeles)

  • Healthy Community General Plan Element (City of Murrieta)

  • South Gate General Plan Green City Element (City of South Gate)

  • OneCity LEED-ND Silver (Nashville, TN with Health Care REIT) 

  • Dublin Boulevard LEED-ND (Dublin, CA with Brookfield Residential)

  • Station Park Green LEED-ND (San Mateo, CA with Essex Property Trust and Perkins + Will) 

  • Long Beach Shoreline LEED-ND (Long Beach, CA with Anderson Pacific)

  • East College LEED-ND (Oberlin, OH with Sustainable Community Associates)

  • Hercules Waterfront LEED-ND (Hercules, CA with Anderson Pacific)

  • Calgary Open Gate LEED-ND (Calgary Canada, Open Gate Properties)


(Some completed while representing another firm)

  • LEED Reference Guide, Co-Author (U.S. Green Building Council)

  • Sustainable Building and Design: Neighborhood Planning (John Wiley and Sons)

  • A Citizen’s Guide to LEED for Neighborhood Development (Natural Resources Defense Council)

  • Transit-Supportive Planning Toolkit (LA Metro)

  • Healthy Communities Toolkit (Urban Land Institute, LA)

  • Health in Regional Transportation Plans (State of California, with Transform)

  • How to Create and Implement Healthy General Plans (Raimi + Associates and ChangeLab Solutions)

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